Tattoo Trends!

Hey Guys!!

In today’s video I talk about tattoo trends through out the years!
A tattoo trend in my mind is when a certain type of tattoo design or placement becomes increasingly popular!

What do you guy’s think? Do you see a trend in tattoos like…


  1. When I was a kid I always loved dreamcatcher I have like 8 in my room right now but now that people constantly get dreamcatcher I don't wanna get it.-. It makes me sad but then I'm like it's my body. Idk man

  2. I have nothing against "classic" tattoos but personally I like to see unique, one of a kind designs or something classic mixed into a unique new design. Truthfully I want my very own art on my body and would not be terribly happy to see someone else with the same thing.

  3. i remember a lot of people i knew whilst at uni had star tattoos, especially a single black outline of a star on inner wrist, i remember when i was younger I wanted the two music notes that when sat together looked like a heart cause i loved music,… so glad i didnt get it as that was another one that loads of people have., i also remember seeing a lot of nautical, loads n loads of ships/pirate ships – sea scenes, kraken/ship/storm style and lighthouses around 2006+ and a lot of phrases or music lyrics across chests in the myspace days , one trend i really hate was the cheryl cole ( or whatever her name is now ) side of hand tattoo ..urgh

  4. I want an armband tattoo 😂
    (However it's gonna be alternating between blue/white swirly stripes, and grey, and there's gonna be red/pastel green flowers and smoke coming out of the edges…sounds dumb to most people but oh well, it has a meaning to me)

  5. I have a white girl tattoo! It's a song title on my inner arm with bird silhouettes flying away from it. I know it's a trend but that's not the reason I got it. This band has been my favourite for 7 years and they have bird silhouettes as a constant thing on most of their albums! In my mind there was no other option so I just went with it

  6. I was really considering a sternum tattoo in that stick and poke mandala style that Grace Neutral kind of made popular. Of course that was before I decided to stick with purely traditional work. I would still get a sternum tattoo, perhaps in the future but it would have to be something classic.

  7. I don't have any, but I'm not against it (if I had the money and somewhere to go.) I wouldn't get a sternum tattoo or worry at all about the trends. I'd have to get on that could easily be hidden due to work. Most jobs around here don't allow visible tattoos. So, upper arm wouldn't work either as it gets really hot in the summer and I like to wear sleeveless tops. Upper back / shoulder seems like a popular area, but then I wouldn't be able to see it without a mirror.
    There's also the small matter of me not being too fond of needles. Seriously cried in the mall when I got my second earring piercing when I was 13.
    So… I'm just gonna sit here with "blank" skin and admire others' tatts.

  8. I believe that as long as someone likes the design it is perfectly ok to get a trendy tattoo. At the very least it will be a reminder of a certain time in their lives. Also, I am a very happy owner of a big 'ol tribal tattoo 😛

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